Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tried a new project using mop cotton... Unfortunately, didn't realize using mop cotton in the
warp, you need to use a size 4 reed, which is impossible to find, and large eye heddles.

I had to compromise using a size 5 reed, which meants lots of felted "gunk" in the reed and
very slow weaving, but I did accomplish the project by my deadline due to I am donating to our yearly "Festival of Trees" which is a fundraiser for our local hospital cancer center.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pillow Tops ~

Pillow design was of 6/2 natural with sea green rayon boucle with the backing plain weave of green chenille.

The pattern is from Robin Spady. This was really fun to do because I used yarns from stash of 2 guild members that I have known.

New Loom - Macomber Heaven!

Just got a new MAC and haven't named him/her yet, but just getting to know about it.  It is a 32" 8 harness loom that needed some tender loving care.  It has it's first project on it right now and this will help me get to know the loom.

Better quit blogging and get back to weaving~!